Sports injury clinic room

The clinic was first opened at Long Lane JFC in the summer of 2010 by James and Sara. At that time it was based in what was the referees changing room, inside the clubs small (and we do mean small!) gym. The room itself was also pretty small, dark and often a little damp – not the best place to see patients. We decided to restrict the people we worked with to members of the football club until we could give it at least a good lick of paint… they knew what to expect after all!

Despite this though enquiries soon started coming from friends of club members and then friends of friends. ThenĀ in 2012/13, James was working on behalf of Long Lane and put in a successful bid to Sport England for funding to significantly expand the gym. And as part of the expansion we got ourselves a shiny new clinic room!

The great gym facility at the club allows us to easily and conveniently work with patients both in the clinic itself and by providing training and rehab sessions in the gym.

James was joined by Vlada Knese (Sports Therapist) in September 2016. Vlada brought with her a wealth of experience in sports massage and also in providing acupuncture.