Achilles Rehab

Achilles Injury Rehab


On Monday I completed what will probably be my last run for the next few weeks while I’m working on my achilles. A quick 5km run along the flat Thames Path and what turned out to be my best 5km time since 2015!

But I’ll be taking this as an opportunity to concentrate on swimming and getting into cycling – which is definitely my weakest part of the triathlon.

On to starting the achilles rehab then and day 1 in the gym for eccentric calf raises. We don’t have a specific machine for calf raises in the club gym so improvising with the equipment to hand. Normally I’d pick a standing calf raise machine (or a smith machine) if one is available as this gives you great control over the exercise but allows you to load up heavy!

Load is important and you’ll need enough to cause discomfort in the achilles during the exercise. I started out with body weight but expected it to be too light and soon moved on to a 28kg kettle bell. 25 repetitions in and although the achilles still felt fine my grip was going! So finally moved to using the squat rack, leaning the bar into the frame and using just under 50kg. Balance was a bit of a challenge, but finally got to a weight that was pushing the tendon.

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