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Immortal Half 2020, Stourhead

So about 3 weeks ago my best mate Steve sent me a short message just after 10pm, it simply said “You up?”.  About 48 hours later I was in receipt of an email from Race-Nation confirming my entry into the Immortal Half 2020!

What is the Immortal Half? Well it’s a half-ironman distance triathlon; 1900m swim, 56 mile bike and 14 mile run (which is just over the normal half-marathon distance of 13.1 miles). It’s held at the Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire and next year it’s on Sunday 17th May.

Although I’m a relatively fit person I’ve not been very consistent with my training since stopping competitive basketball in 2008. I’ve continued to be active through that time and I still play recreational basketball every week and take part in a 5km Park Run at Danson Park in Bexleyheath most Saturdays.

I’ve done a couple of sprint triathlons and a few half-marathons before now, but this is far beyond anything I’ve trained for or taken part in. This blog will follow my training over the coming 10 months.

In the last three weeks I’ve increased my training frequency and set a target of 3 runs and 1 swim per week (plus a session of basketball so I don’t get grumpy!). So far so good and I’ve already seen a little improvement in my 5k dropping under 5min/km pace for the first time in nearly a year and recording my best time in nearly 4 years!

But I’ve not listened to my own advice that I give to patients in the clinic and the people that I train and I’ve increased my load to quickly. I’ve already started to get a little niggle in my left achilles so the next few weeks will mean some eccentric calf work at the gym to ensure it doesn’t develop further into a full blown tendinopathy. I’ll also be monitoring my load more closely and scheduling in some regular strength training to reduce the risks of further injury.


2 thoughts on “New Challenge

  1. Welcome to the club, both the achilleas niggles club and also the half-ironman club!
    Good luck with the rehab and the training.

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