Injury Assessment, London SE3

So something hurts? We'll tell you what's wrong, simply, and then show you how to fix it... simply!

We like to keep our patients on board with their rehab, we find it makes everything more effective! Our process is simple and we find it works very well.

Injury Treatment, London SE3

The first person you'll see is our physio and she'll assess, diagnose and work out what's causing your problems. She'll put her skills in manual therapy to great use to work out any tension or tightness in your joints and muscles. Once she's happy with your movement and pain you'll be referred to our sports therapist, the rehab specialist.

Injury Prevention, London SE3

At this point you'll be coached and advised on how to move, exercise, sit or stand to fix your issues. And perhaps more importantly to prevent the problems coming back!

We want you to understand what's going on with your injury and how to correct it and prevent further problems. We think that understanding is key to an effective treatment, that's why we keep it simple.

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