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Sports injury - achilles tendonitis

Whether you're an elite athlete or a fair weather runner, injuries and niggles are sure to affect you at some point.

We don't believe that pain is a normal part of exercise. Sure, your muscles might ache after a training session, but those other areas of discomfort are your body telling you there's something wrong. And the sooner you listen to it, the sooner you'll be back doing what you love!

In our sports injury clinic we'll work with you to treat your injury, relieve any pain you might be experiencing and start to get you moving again. But we won't stop there, it's important to not only treat the injury but also work out and treat the underlying problems that have led to your injury.

Once the pain, swelling and other symptoms are under control we'll start to get to work on that underlying issue. We'll work with you and help you get the cause of the injury sorted out, so hopefully you won't need to come back to us again for the same problem!

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