Sports Massage

Sports Massage, London SE3

Massage is used to treat a variety of aches, pains, injuries and conditions. It can be beneficial to everyone, not just athletes.

Sports massage is used to help with recovery from both injuries and training. Pushing our bodies both in sport and exercise and in our work life will take its toll, but massage can help with recovery and relaxation allowing you to train harder, sleep better and improve your working and sporting life.

Massage Treatment

Massage Treatment, London SE3

Your goals will determine the treatment we recommend. If you need massage to improve your recovery from training, help with healing following an injury or you need relief from a tight, sore back and shoulders, we'll provide you with the right treatment.

Regular massage can be a great benefit if you're training hard every week as it will help to relax tired, tight muscles and also help to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Ice baths are also fantastic, but massage is nicer!

Remedial Massage

If your aches and pains are coming from daily living then remedial massage might be the answer. While the massage itself will help to give you some relief from those everyday niggles, we will help you to understand and correct the underlying causes of the pain so that you can stop it returning or at least reduce the intensity and regularity of the symptoms.

Massage for Injuries

Achilles Tendonitis, London SE3

Massage in the early stages following a serious acute injury such as a torn muscle or sprained ligament is not recommended and is actually likely to make the injury worse. However after the initial period of injury, massage is a beneficial addition to the rehab process.

Massage will increase blood flow to the muscles and surrounding tissues aiding recovery. It will also help you to relax and stretch muscles reducing the soreness associated with your injury.

Specific types of massage and soft tissue manipulation can be used to help recovery from some more chronic conditions such as achilles tendonitis.

Types of Massage

We will use a combination of techniques to treat you during your massage. Deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and positional release are some of the methods we will use to help you recover, relax and heal.

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