Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy has many uses and will normally form a very important part of any injury rehab programme or treatment.

Corrective exercises are prescribed for people with a wide variety of issues including poor postural control, acute sports injuries and chronic injuries. Many injuries can occur as a result of previous injuries and it is always important to allow enough time for healing and recovery.

If you are suffering from a chronic injury, corrective exercises can help you to take control of the pain. It is important to fully assess the injury as the site of pain may not be the underlying cause.

At the first sign of discomfort either during or after your sport or activity it is worth seeking advice. Corrective exercises will improve your muscular strength, reduce imbalances, improve postural stability, balance, endurance, power and restore or improve range of motion and flexibility.

It's always better to prevent an injury occurring rather than to fix it afterwards. With the right exercise plan you can greatly reduce the risk of an injury occurring.

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